How can I select a single chapter within my study list


I got this app with the intention of studying for my Japanese class. I have a kanji quiz on Monday on a specific chapter of the Basic Kanji Book. However, I don’t see any options to select a specific chapters, it’s having me start from the beginning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Which version of Skritter are you using? Right now you can set which chapter you’d like to add words from using the legacy site, at:, by going into the list and then tapping “Change study settings”, and then specifying which section you’d like to add from. If you’re using the 2.0 interface, you could create a copy of the list, and then delete all the other list sections besides the one of your choosing, and then be able to study that new single section list on it’s own to only see those words.


Since biggun497 said this is for “a kanji quiz on Monday on a specific chapter” I would think it easiest to use legacy Skritter (1.0) and navigate to the list section to be quizzed and then click on “Study Section.” If you just started adding from it as you described you would still get review for previously viewed elements in prior sections, wouldn’t you?

I hope adding this feature to 2.0 is a fairly high priority. It is extremely useful, and the workaround you describe is far less elegant than the simple solution already present in 1.0, if you don’t mind my saying so.