Hi from Cambridge, MA


Hi everyone, I’m Karin and I live in Cambridge, MA. I’m Taiwanese-American and speak pretty good Taiwanese, but I also want to be fluent in Mandarin since everyone expects me to speak it. I’ve been working with tutors for six years but given the demands of work, family, and other obligations, it’s been going slowly. I’m pretty good with grammar, but learning and retaining vocabulary is so difficult – particularly for traditional characters!

I’m so thrilled to have discovered Skritter! I’ve tried numerous flash card apps, physical flash cards – but nothing has helped me like Skritter. I really like how tone memorization is kept separate from character memorization. When I’m focused on learning how to write characters, I tend not to worry about the tones and just never learn them. I also love that Skritter turns raw squigs into beautiful, perfectly written characters. It makes studying more pleasant and reinforces what good writing looks like.

Keep up the great work, Skritter team!


Hi Karin,

I know what you mean about learning the additional characters and increasing vocabulary. I tend to look at Chinese characters very analytically and so I break them down and decompose them to make them easier to remember and understand. If you’re interested, would love to go through some of the things I use to remind myself. It’s a little unorthodox I think, but it has worked well for me.