Hello! I'm Hàohuá from the UK


Hi everyone,

I just thought I’d say hi and introduce myself. My name is Zhèng Hàohuá (or you can call me Howie, as that’s what my friends in the UK call me). For those of you who might not read Chinese characters yet, that’s the Zhèng of Zhengzhou, Hào of hàorán, and Huá of Zhōnghuá (鄭浩華 / 郑浩华).

I was born in Hong Kong and lived in the UK since I was six years old. My native languages are Cantonese and English, although I can also also do Mandarin. My understanding of Mandarin is a bit better than my speaking.

I joined Skritter mainly with a view to answer any questions which you may have about etymology and Chinese characters for those interested in learning writing too! Hopefully I can be of some help.

Hope to catch up with the community soon!



You’re awesome, 浩華.

I’m loving all of your posts. Keep it up and thanks for being a part of the Skritter community!



How do people choose which words to use for things like "浩然的浩“?


@BenJackson You would usually pick it our by references to famous sayings, or famous phrasings / concepts found in poems. The term 浩然 means vast, majestic, expansive, grand etc etc. So in terms of matching it with the other character in my name, it is the most appropriate phrasing to be used to describe which “hao” it is i you are just speaking. And also that just happens to be why my parents named me 浩華 in any event, so I guess I cheated in terms of how to choose a phrase to use haha.


Thank you, @SkritterJake. Hope I can be of some help to other learners! Would love to do more if I can!!