Great Skrittering...needle from an iron bar


Hi I am Fabian and i love Skritter …

I recall my Chinese kindergarten school…we had to cross our local airfield and it was across a quarry which had a blow-up at 4 pm every afternoon. Although it was far enough, one could still see the excavation scarred rock face and hear the sirens and the rumble…
I now continue my learning in style… beautiful calligraphy tutoring on the fly…
I think Skritter is great (awesome actually)…and the learning tips are very good … soon my metaphorical needle will come (goal).


@fchenff welcome to Skritter!

Sounds like you had to put in some work to study when you were younger. Glad that we’re helping to make things easier these days. Best of luck on your studies and your path to character mastery!